When found and uplifted by the Drooli they were already sentient.

Name is g'Kek. Has biomagnetically driven wheels instead of feet and has four eye-stalks. The wheels are mounted on hubs at the joint between their vertical torsos and an L-shaped tail. Two stiff legs, sprouting from the front of the torso, can be used to drag the creature over rough terrain. Two tentacle-like arms with delicate hands extend from the torso.

Specialised for life in deep-space colonies. Born as hermaphrodites but during puberty the individual choose it's gender.

Originated as a species of amphibious omnivores who navigated their swamps using rotating spoke-like organs that ended in inflatable pontoons. Probably an earlier version of the species was uplifted, had a career as a minor patron species and then choose to devolve. Hated by the Jophur.

Extinct (wiped out by the Obeyer Alliance) everywhere but on Jijo.

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