Wunderland Wunderland (Ka'ashi in Kzin) is a planet circling Alpha Centauri, and was the earliest extra-solar colony in Known Space's human history. It has a surface gravity of 60% that of Earth's and is hospitable to human life.

Colonized in 2091, mainly by colonists of north European descent (The Nineteen Families). In 2361 the first Kzin scouts probed the system.

Wunderland was invaded 2366 and its population enslaved by the Kzinti during the first Man-Kzin War. It was freed 2420, near the end of the First War by the human Hyperdrive Armada from We Made It. The system has an asteroid belt in the shape of a crescent, which gives it its name—the Serpent Swarm. The capital asteroid, Tiamat, houses one of the largest Kzin populations in Known Space.

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