Westerley, the largest of the three moons around Qresh, is an industrial site where the lowest economic class of The Quad lives.

It was the second target of the Company's colonization efforts, and is the most populous of Qresh's moons - indeed, the most populous world in the Quad. Westerley has a long history of continuous exploitation for natural resources and cheap labour, resulting in significant damage to the moon's environment, ecosystem, living conditions and population.

Owned by The Company, the moon is used as a large geo-resource. The Company's policy of uncontrolled exploitation of the moon's natural resources has made it a dark, sooty, industrial hellhole, and a cesspool replete with sex workers, killers, gamblers and a religious fanatics. The Company maintains a tight grip on the various operations and workers on Westerley, and is not opposed to using extreme measures such as bombing the cities of Sugar Point and Old Town in retaliation for resistance against the company.

Migrant workers travel from Westerley to spend most of the year on Leith, but must return before their work visas expire. Workers that overstay their visa are arrested and the penalty is ten years of hard labor in the Company’s mines extracting yttrium, a rare-earth element, the inhalation of which causes lung disease.

Emigration to Leith also happens, in accordance with the Seventh Generation Accord, which declared that if people worked hard and without problems, after seven generations they would be granted land on Leith.