We Made It

We Made it and Desert Isle Planet orbiting Procyon A, got it's name because the first colony ship crash-landed.

Discovered in 2065. Fourth planet in system. First colony ship crashlanded in 2125. Human colony contacted by Outsiders in 2409. The human colonists learned the secrets of the hyperdrive from them. In 2412 the first hyperspace ships arrived on Earth.

Gravity is about three-fifths Earth's. The planet's axis is pointed along the plane of its ecliptic (like Uranus), creating ferocious winds on the order of 500 mph (800 km/h) during half of the planet's year, forcing the people to live underground. All builings are underground. Flat concrete roofs are surrounded by barren deserts of fine sand. The deserts bloom in spring and autumn.

Natives are known as "Crashlanders", tend to be very tall, and many are albinos. Their capital, which was the site of their colony ship's landing, is called Crashlanding City. We Made It also has viscous, algae-choked "oceans" and a big icy moon, ironically named Desert Isle.

Considered uninhabitable by the Kzin.

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