Arboreal insectivorous proto-Wazoon were found on their homeworld by the Synthians 420 000 years ago. Finding a species so similar to their own early development, Synthians quickly nurtured the tiny clients into a folk possessing both substance and subtlety.

Wazoon have quietly maneuvered behind the scenes of Galactic society for generations, doing favours and intelligence gathering for their patrons - and for others willing to pay.

Wazoon are small and tarsier-like, rarely over 50 centimetres tall, covered with a soft down, ranging from light tan to a speckled rust colouring. Their two most notable physical features are their sight and hearing. Their incrediblky large eyes see a spectrum similar to Humans but with coniderably more sinsitivity to ultraviolet. This is nothin compared to their hearing. There are documented cases of Wazoon hearing quiet converations all the way across a large room, during loud parties. Their four-fingered hands have large, sandpaper-like pads on the ends and the feet have a heel spur.

Fiercely loyal to their patrons and their clan.

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