Verms are squat, clawed creatures, somewhat resembling a terran crab. The hav a thick shell studded with sharp and spiky ridges on the topside. Four eyes rest in a deep recess between the upper and lower halves of the shell. The mouth is an arrangemnent of three sharp-toothed jaws. They have four short legs.

A hive society (but no hive-mind) with warriors and queens. If there is a male sex nobody outside of the Verms themselves know what they look like. Agressive and vcarnivorous race that feed on other races and infest other worlds in order to get more food. A queen has psychic powers that they use fpr subjugating other species. Humans an Kaa fare well when their planets are infested by Verms, other races fare less well. The Verms never try to infest worlds controlled by psionically advanced species as the Banduch or Engai or the heavily militarised Kronin.

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