Ularda once was a Synchronized World in the Dune Universe. It had been famous for its wines.

Shortly after Xerxes' death (174 BG), the three remaining Titans detected a slight unrest among the slaves, and after the rebellion of Ix they decided that any evidence of unrest was dealt with severely; they leveled a slave camp and killed everyone inside.

In 129 BG it suffered again by a minor battle with Omnius.

The planet was obliterated during the Great Purge (108 BG) by the Army of the Jihad however three squalid settlements, populated by fewer than 300 survivors remained thereafter. They were visited by missionaries of the Cult of Serena and the populace embraced the hatred of technology. The planet was also visited soon thereafter by Porce Bludd and Quentin Butler who supplied the survivors with food and medicine.

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