Renowned for adaptability and a biting sense of humour. They are mischievous, daring and incredibly clever "tricksters", notorious in Galactic society for being innovators and practical jokers. Uplifted by the extinct Caltmour.

Though they are careful to obey the letter of the law and respect the ethical foundation of Galactic society, the Tymbrimi constantly skirt the edge of respecatability in their quest to deflate the dignified and to foul the plans of fanatics.

Two-legged humanoids and mammals with a pouch, females have six small breasts. Their facial structures are arranged like Humanity's. They have oval eyes and angled brows which give them a vaguely vulpine appearance. Can change appearance their appearance due to enzyme-secreting glands.

Communicates partly with a kind of thinking (glyphs). Allied (as the first species to encounter them) with Humans, patrons of Tytlal and consorts (godparents) of Neo-Dolphins and Neo-Chimps. Tymbrimi society is a loose democratic socialism in which leaders are appointed to ad hoc posts with one foremost rule: If they actually crave the job, they are disqualified.

Orionally from the planet Tymbrim they are known to live on many other planets as well. Among them are Cathrhennlin, Juth'ath.

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