Treefolk are massive creatures that is both plant and animal. They move about on an undulating mass of thick, ropy "roots". Their bodies are a cluster of eight mottled globular clusters from which emerge eight waving fronds. The two major fronds are stronger than the others and are articulated for use as fine manipulators. The minor fronds can be used to carry light objects but cannot really manipulate. The tree is topped by three eyes on stalks and placed in 120 degrees angles to one another giving it a full 360 degrees of field vision. Coloration on treefolk varies from delicate violet on the tips of the fronds to deep blue-black on parts of the body.

The homeplanet of Treefolk is a 1.1 G terrestrial world. Treefolk breathe carbon dioxide and release oxygen. After 70 years of life they become mobile after have been rooted since birth.

Treefolk have two sexes and are omnivores. The attained sentience about 5 million years ago. When contacted by other races they embraced the fact that something finally happened after som million years of perfect life. They are natural anarchists and find the concept of a government abhorring. They are generous and open. Part of their life they often live on other planets than their homeworld. As they are good doctors and healers they have a health-care center for other races on the homeworld. It is the size of a city and is mainly staffed with Gerodians as they totally understand and are close allies to Treefolk.

Source: GURPS Aliens