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 Todd J. McCaffrey (born 27 April 1956 as Todd Johnson) is an Irish American author of science fiction best known for continuing the Dragonriders of Pern series in collaboration with his mother Anne McCaffrey.

Todd Johnson was born 27 April 1956 in Montclair, New Jersey as the second son and middle child of Horace Wright Johnson (deceased 2009), who worked for DuPont, and Anne McCaffrey (deceased 2011), who had her second short story published that year. He has two siblings: Alec Anthony, born 1952, and Georgeanne ("Gigi", Georgeanne Kennedy), born 1959.

Except for a six-month DuPont transfer to Düsseldorf, Germany, the family lived most of a decade in Wilmington, Delaware, until a 1965 transfer to New York City when they moved to Sea Cliff, Long Island. All three children were then in school and Anne McCaffrey became a full-time author, primarily writing science fiction.About that time, Todd became the first of the children to read science fiction, the Space Cat series by Ruthven Todd. He attended his first science fiction convention in 1968, Lunacon in New York City.

Soon after the move, Todd was directed to lower his voice as an actor in the fourth-grade school play, with his mother in the auditorium.

Anne McCaffrey divorced in 1970 and emigrated to Ireland with her two younger children, soon joined by her mother. During Todd's school years the family moved several times in the vicinity of Dublin and struggled to make ends meet, supported largely by child care payments and meager royalties.

Todd finished secondary education in Ireland and returned to the United States in 1974 for a summer job before matriculation at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. He studied engineering physics and discovered computers but remained only one year. Back in Dublin he earned a Mechanical Engineering degree at the College of Technology (Bolton Street). Later he earned a Politics degree at Trinity College, Dublin.

Before Trinity College, Todd Johnson served in the United States Army 1978–82, stationed in Stuttgart, Germany, and determining to pursue civilian life. After Trinity he returned to the US hoping to work in the aerospace industry but found employment in computer programming beginning 1986. He earned a pilot's license in 1988 and spent a lot of time flying, including solo trips across North America in 1989 and 1990. Meanwhile he sold his first writings and contributed "Training and Fighting Dragons" to the 1989 Dragonlover's Guide to Pern?, using his military and flight experience. Next year he quit his job to write full-time and in 1992 he attended the Clarion Workshop for new science fiction and fantasy writers.

Writing under the name Todd Johnson until 1997/98 he specialized in military science fiction, contributing one story each to several collective works.

Mother and son had also discussed Pern and its setting for years, and she had suggested that he "write the military science fiction prequels" to the colonization, but that never progressed far.

Todd McCaffrey's work on Pern started in earnest with Dragon's Kin (2003), co-authored with his mother. His first solo Pern novel Dragonsblood was published in 2005. Both books are set around the beginning of Pern's "Third Pass", about 500 years after human settlement on Pern and 2000 years before the "Ninth Pass" events chronicled in most of Anne McCaffrey's Pern books including the inaugural Dragonflight. Anne and Todd published two sequels to Dragon's Kin, Todd has published two sequels to Dragonsblood, and they co-authored two further sequels to the latter, Dragon's Time in 2011, and Sky Dragons in 2012.

Dragonrider of Pern series?

"Training and Fighting Dragons" (1989), in The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern?

Dragon's Kin? (2003), together with Anne McCaffrey
Dragonsblood? (2005)
Dragon's Fire? (2006), together with Anne McCaffrey
Dragon Harper? (2007), together with Anne McCaffrey
Dragonheart? (2008)
Dragongirl? (2010)
Dragon's Time? (2011), together with Anne McCaffrey
Sky Dragons? (2012), together with Anne McCaffrey

Dragonholder: The Life and Dreams (So Far?) of Anne McCaffrey (1999, Todd McCaffrey)
Dragonwriter: A Tribute to Anne McCaffrey and Pern? (Todd McCaffrey editor, contributions by Angelina Adams, David Brin, David Gerrold, John Goodwin, Janis Ian, Alec Johnson, Georgeanne Kennedy, Mercedes Lackey, Sharon Lee? and Steve Miller?, Lois McMaster Bujold?, Elizabeth Moon, Charlotte Moore, Robert Neilson, Jody Lynn Nye and Bill Fawcett?, Robin Roberts, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Wen Spencer, Michael Whelan?, Richard J. Woods and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.


Slammers Down! (Combat Command: In the World of David Drake's? Hammer's Slammers) (1988)

Bolo Universe?

"Ploughshare", Bolos Book I: Honor of the Regiment? (1993)
"Legacy", Bolos Book II: The Unconquerable? (1994)
"A Question of Valor", Bolos Book IV: Last Stand? (1997)

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