Thousand Suns Core rules

 Thousand Suns Thousand Suns RGG1000 is an adventure and rulebook for the Thousand Suns RPG. Written by James Maliszewski and Richard Iorio II.

  • Double shadows falling across alien ruins as twin suns shine down upon a team of interstellar archaeologists.
  • Squadrons of starfighters engaged in a desperate battle amidst a fleet of kilometer-long battleships.
  • A grav car flying through the spires of the world-girdling city that is the galactic capital.
  • A tense meeting with alien diplomats to resolve a border dispute. *Space marines pouring into the corridors of a pirate vessel after they've blasted their way through its hull.

These are but a few images from the Thousand Suns, the volume of space humanity inhabits millennia from now. Comprising hundreds of inhabited worlds and dozens of alien species, it is ripe with possibilities for individuals bold enough to seize them. Strap on your blaster pistol, grab your space suit, and get ready to journey into the future as imagined by the greatest writers of the Golden Age of Science Fiction.

Thousand Suns is a science fiction roleplaying game that includes all the rules needed to play. In addition, it describes the Thousand Suns setting, detailing its worlds, alien races, and conflicts. The setting provides not only lots of detail but plenty of options as well, allowing Game Masters to tailor it to suit their needs. Everything from world building to starship combat to alien species creation is here, so that nothing stands in way of creating the ultimate science fiction adventure.

Thousand Suns is a game universe that takes its inspiration from the classic literary "imperial" science fiction of the '50s, '60s, and '70s written by authors like Poul Anderson, Isaac Asimov, Alfred Bester, Gordon Dickson?, Larry Niven, H. Beam Piper, Jerry Pournelle, and A.E. van Vogt?, among others.