Thousand Suns: Foundation Transmissions

 Thousand Suns Thousand Suns: Foundation Transmissions is a supplement for the Thousand Suns RPG. Written by James Maliszewski, Richard Iorio II, Gabriel Brouillard and Robert Saint John.

BEGIN TRANSMISSION HUD CHANNEL ALPHA 4.3.2 DISPLAY FOUNDATION The Encyclopedia Galactica Foundation, more commonly known simply as the Foundation, is neither an organ of the State nor a great commercial enterprise. Established shortly after the signing of the Concord, the Foundation produces an encyclopedia of all knowledge, selling it to eager readers throughout the Thousand Suns. Here is your chance to read a sampling of the innumerable articles Foundation researchers produce each standard year. DISPLAY CONTENTS The Foundation's mission is an important one: collect data, document it, and codify it for the betterment of all species. This latest regular update to the Encyclopedia continues that mission by providing information on many topics of interest, including * The Aurigan?: A new alien species/encounter * Moving Through the Ranks — Military Ranks in Thousand Suns * Custom Weapons * Custom Protection * A Spacefarer: Introduction to Lingua Terra * The Ways of Scheming * Robots * Guide to the Core Worlds These articles are ready for immediate download to all subscribers of the Encyclopedia Galactica. END TRANSMISSION.

Thousand Suns is a game universe that takes its inspiration from the classic literary "imperial" science fiction of the '50s, '60s, and '70s written by authors like Poul Anderson, Isaac Asimov, Alfred Bester, Gordon Dickson?, Larry Niven, H. Beam Piper, Jerry Pournelle, and A.E. van Vogt?, among others.