Thomas T. Thomas

Thomas Thurston Thomas Thomas Thurston Thomas, also writing as Thomas T. Thomas and Thomas Wren, is primarily a science fiction author. Presentation in his own words:

"If everyone is truly going to have seven careers in his lifetime, I am working on my fourth. After college, I worked at two publishing houses, editing first scholarly books at the university press, then trade books at a publisher who specialized in California history, railroad histories, and outdoor adventure. It was one of my authors at the latter house who introduced me to my future wife, Irene, a librarian in rare books and manuscripts who helped the author with her research.

After publishing, I went into technical editing of proposals and reports at a large engineering and construction company. There I learned first-hand how power plants, steel mills, transit systems, cement kilns, and coal mines are built. It was an easy transition from the engineering company to one of the West’s largest electricity and natural gas utilities, where I soon took up public relations writing, always with an interest in understanding and explaining for others the technical foundations of the industry.

I wrote my first novel at age 16. Unlike the usual first novel—five pages handwritten in crayon at age eight (I actually did that at about twelve)—this was a complete manuscript of about 475 pages. I got up several hours before school to work on the first draft in longhand and then produced two copies, with carbon paper, on the Judge’s ancient Underwood typewriter. However, it was not until the mid-80s that I started writing and publishing fiction professionally. The result was the first eight novels listed on the Science Fiction page, plus two novellas. Short stories never attracted me as projects, however; I tend to think in book lengths.

When I left the utility company to make my living as a novelist and freelance communicator, book publishing looked like a good business. It worked for me for about five years, but by then the publishing industry had already started dying through a little-known change in the tax laws. Rather than starve gracefully, I re-entered the workforce in biotechnology, writing and editng manufacturing documents at a large pharmaceutical company. Three jobs later, I was writing internal communications for the leading company that makes instruments and reagents for genetic analysis, stem cell research, and synthetic biology... once again explaining science and technology for the general reader.

And now, with the resurgence of the publishing industry through ebooks, I'm once again groing to try my hand at freelance writing for a living."

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