Self-rigtheous as they are, they may be considered as mild fanatics or fanatic conservatives. They are staunch environmentalist, demand respect and proper behaviour from clients, and uphold Galactic laws and ethics.

Many Thennanin have an almost religious respect for animals with Uplift Potential and they have similarly superstitious dislike for psionics and probability manipulation. They are at once naive and pompous, considerate and demanding. Many Thennanin dedicate themselves to service with the Institute for Uplift?, the Institute for Migration and the Institute of Civilized Warfare.

They are hulking reptiliod (although warm-blooded) bipeds averaging 2.75 metres in height. A ridge-crest extends from just between the eyes to the upper back of the neck,s erving as afilter for aiding in breathing, a means of regulating body temeperature and a sexually selected display. Their main breathing and communication is done through a series of vertical gill-like breathing-slits in the thick neck. Thennanin colouring ranges from light tan to a reddish chocolate brown. They have two sexes and mate for life.

Members in the Abdicator Alliance and patrons to Olumimin, Ynnin, Rammin, Paimin, Nahalli and Garthlings (Neo-gorillas). Thennanin themselves were uplifted 333 million years ago by the Wortl.

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