The Rebellion (EV)

The Rebellion) is a major government in Escape Velocity game. According to the game, after winning the war with the aliens, the Confederation did not relinquish its naval power and began exploiting the resources of the outer worlds. Those worlds eventually seceded, provoking a civil war. The Rebellion is in turn criticized for its aggressive nature, support of quasi-criminal organizations, and attacks on civilian shipping and liners. The Rebellion uses four ships in their campaign against the Confederation, namely the Manta, the Rebel Destroyer, the Rebel Cruiser and the Escort Carrier.

Adhara, Akio, Alkaidion, Armstrong, Atropos, Beeblebrox, Clotho Prime, Clotho II, Darkstar, Emerald, Endor, Hunter, Lauralee, Murphy's World, Orion, Rupert, Samson's Planet, Scorpio, Sirgil III, Spica, Turin V, Ursa Minor Beta, Virgo, Port Oread, Sentinel Station, Sirgil Starport and Syntex Refinery are planets and stations controlled by the Rebellion.