The Nine

The Nine refers to the nine families that control The Company. These families are the aristocrats of the Quad and are the landowners of Qresh. Landownership is critical to the power of these families, and families that do not have heirs lose their lands. This creates a vacuum within The Nine, which can lead to war between the families as they try to annex the land and the associated Company seat.

Lesser relatives of The Nine are relegated to living on Leith as they do not hold enough status or wealth to own lands on Qresh.

The families of The Nine find childbirth to be an unnecessary risk and use Leithian surrogates, called “vessels”, to carry babies that will be the heirs to the family fortune. The babies carried by Leithian vessels must be born on Qresh in order to be considered a member of the family and an heir to the family lands.

The Nine Families

The members of the nine families can be distinguished through the use of colored sashes they wear on official occasions.

Land Kendry (Purple Sash)

The Kendry family founded the Vessel Program. Delle Seyah Kendry is a member.

Land Lahani

The heir to Land Lahani is under the guardianship of Delle Seyah Kendry of Land Kendry.

Land Simms (Blue Sash)

An ally of Land Kendry. Adaline Seyah Simms was their matriarch. Pawter Simms was an estranged and disowned member of the family. After the death of Adaline Seyah Simms and her husband, Weymer Simms, Pawter became the matriarch of her family.

Land Derrish? (Grey Sash)

An ally of Land Kendry

Land Hyponia (Red Sash)

A rival of Land Kendry. Arune Hyponia became a leader of the family after many family members perished during a Council meeting in the Ancestral Hall in Medidas City.

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