The Han

The Han, the council of councils is highest ruling government body in Hani society. It takes decisions on matters concerning starfaring and trade with other species. Lower governemental bodies are province councils and on the lowest level clans such as Llun, Chanur, Araun, Tanan, Khuf, Pyruun. Some clans are tributary to others. Som clans are spacefaring, others not, e.g. Mahn.

The Hani society is basically a feudal society that developed on planet Anuurn. Clan system has divided the planet in provinces and districts.

Contact with Mahendo'Sat gave them access to space-flight. Some clans possessed so important resources they were declared immune and others became forbidden to attack them, which in other cases is a normal business practise when somebody wants more land and power.

When the Mahendo'Sat came they landed in the Llunurn basin in Enafy province. The Llun clan thus became the most important immune clan as they came into possession of space flight.

With help from the Mahendo'Sat, the Hani created a council of councils, the Han, to care for Hani government affairs in space and towards other species. In a clan a male is the ruler but the women take care of all business and contact with foreigners.

Planets: Anuurn, Tyo, Gaohn Station, Rilan Station, Harn Station, Kura, Touin, Gfaras, Hnur, Minar, Nahar, Nurh, Harun and Tagfy.