The Confederation (EV)

The Confederation is one of two main governments in the game Escape Velocity. According to the game, as humanity expanded into the Milky Way Galaxy, the new colonies operated independently of each other. However, an invasion by an unknown alien race forced the colonies to unify under Earth's leadership. This became known as the Confederation. The Confederation and the aliens fought a bloody war, with millions of humans being killed. Eventually the Confederation prevailed. At the start of the game, the Confederation and the Rebellion are locked in a bloody stalemate. The Confederation uses four ships in its military, namely the Confederate Patrol Ship, the Confederate Gunboat, the Confederate Frigate and the Confederate Cruiser.

Control the planets and stations Capella, Earth, Hodgson's World, Landfall, Luna, Mars, Merlin, New Britain, New Columbia, New France, New Japan, New Providence, New Sahara, Northstar, Plateau, Regulus II, Ruby, Tabletop, Antares Station, Enyo Fuel Refinery, Sirius Station, Stardock Alpha.