The Company

The Company is a massive corporation that operates within the Quad and controls the industry, land and mining rights, and many other the aspects of commerce in the system. “The Nine”, the families that control the Company, have their own objectives and manipulate the system’s political organization to their advantage. While technically separate from local government, Company operations are so infused within The Quad that it is difficult to tell where the Company ends and Government begins.

The Company is controlled by Qresh's land owning nobility, each Qreshi landowner has Company shares proportionate to their land holdings on Qresh. The largest shareholders are the heads of the Nine Families of Qresh who own the vast majority of Qresh's ancestral lands.

The Company has a massive security and border patrol force, enforces its own contract law, and maintains a prison facility on Westerley. Company ships interdict unauthorized ships attempting to land on the worlds of the Quad, perform defoliation bombing of Jakk fields, and execute punitive bombing missions against enemies of the Company and the Nine.