The Woman in Del Rey Crater

Flatlander A Gil Hamilton story set on the moon, set shortly after The Patchwork Girl. What do you do with radioactive waste? The moon is a good dumping ground, specifically the Del Rey Crater. But when a woman's corpse is found at the exact center of the radioactive hell, Gil the ARM is sent to investigate. By Larry Niven, published in the Flatlander collection (1995) and republished in Scatterbrain collection in 2003.

Other Gil Hamilton Stories (novels and collections):

The Long Arm of Gil Hamilton (1976 collection) (Death by Ecstasy (Organleggers)1969, The Defenseless Dead, ARM 1976)
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Flatlander (1995, coll.) (Death by Ecstasy (Organleggers) 1969, The Defenseless Dead, ARM 1976, Patchwork Girl 1978, The Woman in Del Rey Crater)


A.R.M. (1990, Adventure/Malibu Graphics), 3-issue mini-series, B&W. Based on the short story, "Death By Ecstasy" by Larry Niven
Written by Bill Spangler?. Art by Terry Tidwell? and Steve Stiles?
"Death By Ecstasy" (September 1990, #1)
"The Organ Leggers" (October 1990, #2)
"Heart Attack" (November 1990, #3)

A.R.M.: The Defenseless Dead, (1991, Adventure/Malibu Graphics), 3-issue mini-series, B&W