The Other Human Race

 Fuzzy Sapiens A sequel to Little Fuzzy, Fuzzy Sapiens (original title The Other Human Race) was published in 1964, the same year the author H. Beam Piper committed suicide in November.

The book deals with the newly 'Charterless Zarathustra Company' and its gradual cooperation with the planet's new governor to ensure control over the planet, while the Fuzzies attach themselves to individual human guardians including the Company's staff. It becomes clear that criminals are using the irregular status of the government and of the company to attack it and steal sunstones.

Pendarvis' Decision had finally declared the Fuzzies to be intelligent beings, and that meant some drastic changes for the Earthmen who had colonized their planet, changes that a lot of people weren't going to accept easily. But why worry? said others.

The Fuzzies seemed lovable, fun-loving creatures, only two feet high, and covered with soft, golden fur. Give them plenty of extee-three and they'd do anything you asked.

What ruling race of invaders could ask for a more ideal native population?