The Burning Eye

The Burning Eye Anthology of short stories that take place in the CoDominium Universe created by Jerry Pournelle. Part of a series of short stories and novels that is called War World series. Published 1988.

The books in the series were written by several authors. It consist of five collections of short stories and three collaborative novels. Each volume takes place in roughly chronological internal order, but starting in different time periods (for instance, CoDominium: Revolt on War World, chronologically the last collection in the series, is set during the earliest years of human settlement on Haven). Blood Feuds incorporates material that originally appeared in the short story collections. John F. Carr rejuvenated the series with the publication of War World: The Battle of Sauron, by Carr and Don Hawthorne (Pequod Press, 2007). The series is starting over with the publication of War World: Discovery (2010), edited by John F. Carr. The new books will be published in chronological order, with Discovery providing background on the first surveys and colonization. The new volumes include fresh stories intermixed with ones from the original series, providing a more complete look at the War World universe.


"Prolog: Discovery" (unattributed)
"Haven" (unattributed) - Even before colonization, Haven is a source of conflict as factions fight to determine its status.
"Dream Valley" - Edward P. Hughes? - On the prison world of Haven, the strong can enslave the weak... unless they're clever.
"The Toymaker and the General" - Mike Resnick? - An expert in combat cyborgs is hunted down for his skills.
"The Deserter" - Poul Anderson - As the Empire withdraws, only a legendary strategist can preserve civilization on Haven.
"Rate of Exchange" - Roland Green and John F. Carr - With the Empire gone, Haven's economy has collapsed, and its social order is about to follow.
"The Coming of the Eye" - Don Hawthorne - Haven's fragmented nations must defend themselves against powerful Sauron invaders.
"The Great Beer Shortage" - Janet Morris and David Drake? - The Saurons find they must not only conquer Haven, but themselves as well.
"Necessity" - S. M. Stirling - Refugees from the Sauron assault combine into a new nation, the HaBandari, who will become the Saurons' strongest enemy.
"Tribute Maidens" - Harry Turtledove - To maintain their breeding population, the Saurons demand the strongest daughters of those they conquer.
"A Lion to the Sea" - John Dalmas? - As centuries pass, the Sauron domination of Haven grows stronger, driving many tribes further into the wilderness, and forming strange alliances among them.
"Discovery" (unattributed) - Does the Empire suspect that some Saurons have survived?
"Excerpt from Bar Lev's A Traveler's Tale of Twenty Worlds" (unattributed) - A fragment of evidence hints at the Saurons' fate.