11.5 million years ago, proto-Tharners were small, bark-eating rhinoceros-like animals when discovered by the Chelbi. Short bipeds, averaging only around one metre and a quarter in height. Their beaked nose and claws on their three fingers are the only remaining evidence of their cork-eating ancestors.

Tharners distinguished themselves by avoiding any war-like conflict throughout their entire uplift history. As time went, they excelled in mediating disputes for the Institute of Navigation and the Institute for Civilized Warfare.

Tharners have totally retired, mainly because a conflict with the fearsome Oailie. On behalf of Oailie victioms the Tharners filed suit before multiple institutes. In retaliation the Oailie unleashed a virus that nearly exterminated the Tharners. Because of this act, the Pee'oot gathered allies and the Oailie was sentenced the be exterminated.

Patrons of the Synthians.

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