Tanith (Uplift)

Location of the Central Library, one of the district branchers of the Library Institute. In Galaxy Two and around star Tweevi. Has one moon, Odlichi.

A genetacically depleted world because of the last tenants, the Phoolcu, They interpreted environmenatl guidelines rather liberally and replace indigenous life with efficient utilitarian species.

Instead of makring the planet fallow to recover frpm this it was decided to keep the planet as it was as a lesson to the library visitors. All society on planet exist in order to support the Library branch. Different sepcies have been allowed to settle different valleys and seed them with life from their home-planets.

Among the species working in the Library and have their own valleys you can find Tymbrimi, Pila, Thennanin, Jophur, Linten, Lesh and Pargi. Other species found working on the planet or in the Library include Klick-klick and Kanten.

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