Insectoid, mantis-like hexapodal spike-legged warm-blooded warrior species. Carnivores descended from pack-hunters with frightening rapacity and low emphaty for other species.

They stand about three metres tall and their colouring ranges from tan-gold with brown markings to blue-green with black markings. They walk on the four back legs, using the front two as manipulators. Chitinous armour is tough but brittle. Extremities, including heads, have the ability to regenerate. They now satisfy their lust for the hunt in space battles and they are extreme xenophobes. The total extinction of several species has been blamed on the Tandu's enthusiasm for war and destruction.

They make even more daring excursions into questionable uplift than the Soro. Incredibly good at uplift, they domesticated several animal species before they themselves were fully sapient. Two Tandu client species - Acceptors and the Episiarchs - are typically twisted specimens; both are utterly mad psionic adepts with little chance of making it on their own. The third known client specie are the Incrementors.

Clients of N'8ght and just as their patrons, members in the Inheritor Alliance.

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