Tales of Known Space (coll)

Short story collection by Larry Niven from 1975 containing:

  • The Jigsaw Man, 1967: Chilling implications of human organ transplant technology.
  • The Warriors, 1966: Man's first encounter with aliens of Kzinti species. Kzinti's have vastly superior technology, but heroic men beat them in the little war in deep space!
  • How the Heroes Die, 1966: Only one of the two men can live.
  • Intent to Deceive, 1968: A software bug creates major chaos at a fully automated restaurant.
  • Becalmed in Hell, 1965: An accident on Venus.
  • At the Bottom of a Hole, 1966: Human explorers to Mars are killed by the natives.
  • Wait it Out, 1968: An accident on Pluto puts a man in natural semi-stasis, awaiting & hoping eventual rescue.
  • Eye of an Octopus, 1966: Humans dig up a Martian's grave.
  • The Coldest Place, 1964: Hunt for alien creatures on "the dark side of" Mercury.
  • Safe at Any Speed, 1967: A man is eaten by a huge bird along with his air car, & survives! On an new colony world.
  • There Is a Tide, 1968: An alien cons a human on an extra-Sol world, & regrets because of an unexpected development.
  • Cloak of Anarchy, 1972: An experiment in an anarchy-based society where there is no government.
  • The Borderland of Sol, 1975: Space pirates are robbing commercial traffic on busy interstellar routes with a new weapon.

All of the short stories take place in the Known Space Universe.

Tales of Known Space

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