Takeover War World: Takeover, published in 2011 and edited by John F. Carr, is the 10th book in the ongoing War World Saga, which includes 3 novels, the most recent being War World: The Battle of Sauron by John F. Carr & Donald Hawthorne published in 2008.

War World: Takeover contains nine new stories as well as four previously published ones. Contributors include John Dalmas?, ER Stewart?, Don Hawthorne, John F. Carr, Leslie Fish and Frank Gasperik?, A. Brown, Susan Shwartz, William F. Wu? and Charles E. Gannon?.

The War World series is a shared-world universe created by Jerry E. Pournelle & John F. Carr and is set in Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium/Empire of Man future history. The moon Haven contains the harshest environments for life among the seventy habitable planets within the CoDominium sphere. After Haven's discovery, this distant moon quickly becomes the center of a major lawsuit over its ownership.

On Earth, overpopulation and rising nationalism require the resettlement of millions of troublesome minorities or the fragile peace between the USSR and the USA will go down in flames. It is up to the CoDominium to solve this problem and it just so happens the Bureau of ReLocation has discovered the perfect dumping ground for millions of unwanted minorities and religious fanatics while the mining companies exploiting Haven’s considerable resources need a cheap and expendable labor pool. One hand washes the other, thus the CD Bureau of Intelligence gives orders to subvert Harmony rule and turn Haven into a CoDominium Protectorate.

Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Haven are having their own problems due to too many transportees from Earth, too few resources, too few live births and the most inhospitable environment known to sustain life—just barely. If that’s not enough, now they have to face a hostile takeover by the very people they left Earth to escape! Visit the War World Central web site.


To Win the Peace (2011) • shortfiction by Frank Gasperik? and Leslie Fish
The Raid on Purity (2011) • shortfiction by William F. Wu?
Marching on Poland (2011) • shortfiction by Leslie Fish
Enough Rope (2011) • shortfiction by Gene Stewart?
More Precious Than Rubies (2011) • shortfiction by A. L. Brown?
The Coming of the Dinneh (1992) • novelette by John Dalmas?
Business As Usual (2011) • shortfiction by John F. Carr
Pound-Foolish (2011) • shortfiction by Charles E. Gannon
Politics of Melos (1992) • novella by Susan Shwartz
Atalanta (2011)