A moderately powerful patron race. They like the Humans but do their best to appear neutral in Galactic politics. Businessmen and traders.

Racoonish, furry and canny mammals. Slightly shorter than Humans (about 1.25 metres), but rather stocky ( up to 115 kilos). Thanks to their descent from nocturnal hunter-gatherers, Synthians have excellent night vision. The proto-Synthians lived in small tribes with copmplex social hierarchies. Battles for dominance rarely involved violence; for the most part; they consisted of subtle, painfully cautious social power-plays.

Sapient Synthians are simultaneously wary and pompous. They mate in groups of three, two males, one younger and one older, and one female. Found by the Tharners 2.85 million years ago they are often found working in The Institute for Uplift?, the Institute for Migration and sometimes in the Institute for Progress. Shrewd and compassionate patrons of the Se'een, Wazoon and the Klick-klick.

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