Thin humanoids with som slight resemblance to terrestrial felines. Males are slightly smaller than females and often slightly faster. Limbs end in four small digits each and their head is broad and falt on top with a pointed snout. Long pointed ears stick out parallell to the top of the head. The eyes are large and deep-set, slitted vertically like cat's eyes. Mouth has three lips and are filled with serrated bone structures instead of teeth an also contains several fleshy organs. Sparrial's are completely covered with sleek fur in varying patterns of dust brown and rust colors. Albinism is however common. The have a very good sense of smell and judge people by smell.

Sparrials are energetic, adventurous and competitive. They love action, but can be patient, they like new people, new places and new adventures. In their society petty theft is a way of getting a higher social status. The word for "growing up" in Sparrial language means "learning stealth". That is not getting caught and seen while stealing. Stealing is however not aimed at getting rich (unless it's a criminal) but at getting a better position in relation to another individual. This can be achieved thprugh pilferage, argument and battle. Status in society as a whole is not important. Conlcits are always between individuals and solve between individuals.

Society is anarchistic and there exist no social organisation beside the families. They are often migratory. On their homeworld they have however organised health care, schools, one university and offworld trade. The homeworld has no military or space fleet. Sparrials often have voice in many galactic and advisory bodies, as it is considered that true anarchy is a kind of social-contract that can be accepted.

The ancestros of the Sparrials were small arboreal predators and they evolved sentience an ito the modern day Sparrials the last 100 000 years. They eat mainly meat of different kinds and tehir dishes are populsar among som other races, such as An Phar, Humans? and Kaa.

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