Space: Above and Beyond Ships

UEF space craft

The United Earth Forces control the military might of over one hundred nations. Whilst having a central HQ in Vandenburg, California, USA the UEF members retain their own military forces separate identities. Even so they often use the same equipment.

AIs stole a large number of UEF spacecraft in 2057 and still operate these craft. The UEF also operate older "military heavy lift transports" for surface to orbit transportation.

JFK Carrier
JFK Escort Ship
SA-43 Hammerhead
ISSCV Family


Chig Spacecraft

All Chig craft are listed under their human names for slightly obvious reasons. Whilst the Chigs employ force field technology on a small scale none of their craft have been confirmed to be exploiting such technology. Early rumours suggested these craft supported an army of 6,000,000 but this has never been confirmed.

Chig Major Capital Ship
U-378D Destroyer
Chig Transport
U-450 Bomber
Chig Fighter
Chig Prototype Fighter
Chig Sentry Satellite


Other spacecraft

Whilst who controls Chig craft is not totally clear it is true that the United Earth Forces does not own or operate all human built craft. Other human built craft include civilian vessels and older military craft taken by the AIs. Large civilian craft are used to bolster the UEF fleet where possible in support roles. This allows the UEF to direct shipyards towards construction of combatant vessels and repairing current craft.

Aerotech Bacchus
Aerotech Colony Ship