The combative and matriarchal Soro are huge, leathery, originally carnivorous but now omnivorous reptilians with an abundance of claws and sharp teeth. They are approximately 4.5 metres in length.

Their political, social and love lives are violent and competetive. They are four-limbed and wrm-blooded and have a semi-upright posture. Their leathery hide is covered with small, hard scales. Both Soro sexes are sapient. Females are notoriously clever, manipulative and perceptive while males are driven by instinct and impulse.

The Soro are highly skilled in the art of uplift. They take great delight in manipulating and perfecting their specialized client species. Some of them are so specialized that survival on their own is doubtful. Clients include Pila, Paha, Gello, Forski, Kisa and Stheee. Still most members in the Soro clan are quite patriotic, serving and fighting alongside their patrons even though their indenture is over.

Since their uplift by the Hul some 2.1 million years ago the Soro have striven for status with a tenacity that ranks them with the N'8ght, the Tothtoon, the Pee'oot, the Jophur and the Poaglisis.

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