The Sichultia are a pan-human species from the planet Sichult that are described in Surface Detail. The Sichultia had first contact with the species called the Flekke. Their society as a whole is called the Sichultian Enablement and is at Level Four/Five technologically.


Sichultians are humanoid in appearance, approximately the same height, but with different bodily proportions than a Culture standard person. Proportionally, their legs are longer, and their backs are shorter and humped in appearance. They are more rounded looking, with pot bellies and big bottoms. Their skin ranges in colour from pale to dark, with yellow, red and olive tones, as does their hair. Those individuals known as Indentured Intagliates display full body tattoos that have either been applied with ink after birth, or have been imprinted on a cellular level, down to the level of skin pores, eye whites, teeth, bone, capillaries and organs, before birth. These tattoos may be black on a lighter skin tone, or even iridescent, fluorescent or metallic on jet black.


The Sichultia evolved on the planet Sichult, in the Quyn system, but have expanded their territory to a small grouping of stars and worlds. Sichultian society focuses heavily on commercial competition and wealth. One unique cultural effect of this preoccupation with money, is the practice of indentured intagliation. Under this system, the wives and children of those who default on great debts are pressed into a form of bonded slavery. The wife or child of the debtor is taken by the court, 'intagliated' with a full body tattoo, and then committed to serve in the house of the unpaid creditor. The indentured intagliates are prized by their owners as a decorative symbol of commercial victory and conspicuous consumption, and serve as a humiliation to the debtor and their family.