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The Shatterzone universe shares much in common with the Star Wars Universe as the original two RPG:s were produced by the same company, West End Games, and was a repository for original ideas produced for Star Wars. At least that is one of the theories behind the creation of the Shatterzone Universe.

As such, the universe of Shatterzone shares some structural similarities to the Star Wars Expanded Universe including an intergalactic government called the Consortium? (like the Republic from Star Wars) run from a central region of space known as the Core Worlds, large megacorps that run galactic affairs, and a super-industrialized capital world, called Centaurus? but similar to Star Wars' Coruscant. Likewise, there is a sentiment of xenophobia in the setting similar to that of the Empire in Star Wars. Humans, Glahns?, and Ishantras?, the three ruling races of the Consortium and a few others are given full citizen status while other races suffer under prejudice and second-class-citizenship.

The namesake feature of the setting is the "Shatterzone", an unchartable and mysterious sector of space consisting of dark matter and strange gravitational phenomena as well as strange energy storms and asteroid fields. The Shatterzone is home to cult worshippers, bands of alien exiles called "bolters" seeking to flee Armagon? oppression, and groups of deep space miners looking to make a fortune off the rare minerals to be had in this unusual sector of space.

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