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Shatterzone is a space opera role-playing game by West End Games. The game went out of print in 1997 after the company went bankrupt. It is now back in print, owned and published by Precis Intermedia.

Shatterzone uses a fairly simple roll two ten-sided dice and beat a target number mechanic as its resolution system, making it easy to figure out and play. Character creation has two options, one being a “pickup game” model where you pick a Character Profile and customize it to your wants, and the other being a fairly standard point buy system with attributes, skills, advantages and compensations.

Rule books, supplements and campaigns

Player's Guide, 1993 (reprinted 2011), Ed Stark, Shane Hensley & Dave Wetzel
Rule Book, 1993 (reprinted 2011), Ed Stark, Shane Hensley & Dave Wetzel
Universe Guide, 1993 (reprinted 2011), Greg Farshtey, Shane Lacy Hensley & Dave Wetzel
Arsenal, 1993, Sean Patrick Fannon, Sandy Addison, Greg Farshtey, Brian Sean Perry, David L. Pulver, Ed Stark and Lisa Willner
Grimsyn Sector, 1993, John Terra
Brain Burn, 1993 (reprinted 2012), Brian Sean Perry
Crosshairs, 1993, Shane Lacy Hensley
Zeenarchs,1993 (reprinted 2012), Jamie Beerbower & George Winter
Fringer's Guide, 1994 (reprinted 2014), Samuel Witt Jr, Greg Farshtey & Daniel Scott Palter
Through the Cracks, 1994, Shane Lacy Hensley, Ronald Seiden, Ed Stark, Matt Forbeck, Greg Farshtey & John Terra
Techbook: Ships, 1994 (reprinted 2011), Shane Lacy Hensley & Ed Stark
Contact!, 1994 (reprinted 2013), Dustin Browder, Sandy Addison, Evan Jamieson & Lisa Smedman
Fleet: A Survivor's Guide, 1995, Ed Bolme
Stock Ships: Vessels of the Consortium, 1995, Dave Pilurs
Hardwear / Softwear: Take a Walk on the Cyber Side, 1995, Elaine Hinman-Sweeney, Shaun Horner, Randal W. Horobik, Brian Sean Perry, Mike Roberts & Stephen Smoogen
Shadow of a Black Sun, 1995 (reprinted 2012), Steven Brown & Shaun Horner

Shatterzone Books
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