Shatterzone RPG Rule Book

A scanned reprint that combine the Rule Book, Players' Guide, and Universe Guide into a single volume and also includes remastered MasterDeck action cards in PDF format. Written by Ed Stark, Shane Hensley, Dave Wetzel & Greg Farshtey.

Humankind reached beyond Earth centuries ago, forced by conditions on that planet to seek a future elsewhere. Colonies sprang in unlikely places, technology improved, and Humans traveled far. It was feared that control would be lost over these far-flung colonies, leading to the establishment of the Consortium, a loose union of worlds. Conflicts eventually led to the coalition of military units, forming the body known simply as Fleet. Megacorporations exploited the resources of newly-discovered planets. The frontiers continued to expand, bringing conflicts with radical groups who claimed planets as their own. Despite all this, opportunities for expansion still seemed limitless.

Then the shatterzone was discovered. A vast field of matter and energy, the shatterzone is where light and dark matter collide and combine—a beautiful, deadly, and ever-changing river in space. Humans and other species cautiously probed its depths, but believing it to be an impenetrable barrier between known space and the rest of the spiral arm, they relented in their investigations. The zone can be a treasure trove of uncountable wealth, albeit one that can demand equal payment in blood. Ships have finally managed to breach the other end of the zone.

Fortunes can be made, dangers encountered, and dark mysteries solved. Do business in the Core Worlds where bureaucracy rules, and Fleet makes sure of it. Smuggle in the Near Colonies where there is slightly more freedom, provided Fleet does not take an interest. Sign up for mercenary work in the Inner Frontier where new worlds can be discovered, as can bolters, aliens who have fled the other side of the shatterzone. The true brave of heart can enter the shatterzone, in search of the next big discovery or simply for the huge salary. Finally, the Outer Frontier reportedly holds many verdant worlds, but also a terror beyond anyone’s imagination...

Campaigns and Supplements

Arsenal, 1993, Sean Patrick Fannon, Sandy Addison, Greg Farshtey, Brian Sean Perry, David L. Pulver, Ed Stark and Lisa Willner
Grimsyn Sector, 1993, John Terra
Brain Burn, 1993 (reprinted 2012), Brian Sean Perry
Crosshairs, 1993, Shane Lacy Hensley
Zeenarchs,1993 (reprinted 2012), Jamie Beerbower & George Winter
Fringer's Guide, 1994 (reprinted 2014), Samuel Witt Jr, Greg Farshtey & Daniel Scott Palter
Through the Cracks, 1994, Shane Lacy Hensley, Seiden, Ed Stark, John Terra, Greg Farshtey & Matt Forbeck
Techbook: Ships, 1994 (reprinted 2011), Shane Lacy Hensley & Ed Stark
Contact!, 1994 (reprinted 2013), Dustin Browder, Sandy Addison, Evan Jamieson & Lisa Smedman
Fleet: A Survivor's Guide, 1995, Ed Bolme
Stock Ships: Vessels of the Consortium , 1995, Dave Pilurs
Hardwear / Softwear: Take a Walk on the Cyber Side, 1995, Elaine Hinman-Sweeney, Shaun Horner, Randal W. Horobik, Brian Sean Perry, Mike Roberts & Stephen Smoogen
Shadow of a Black Sun, 1995 (reprinted 2012), Steven Brown & Shaun Horner