Shatterzone Shattered and others stories is an anthology with stories in the Shatterzone Universe. Edited by Greg Farshtey.

Shattered, (1994), novelette by Edward Bolme
Lady of the Consortium, (1994), novelette by Nigel D. Findley
Reaching for the Stars, (1994), novelette by Shane Lacy Hensley
Solid Gold Asteroid, (1994), novelette by Paul B. Thompson
Tales of the Vizzben, 1994), novelette by Bill Olmesdahl
The Blade that Turns, (1994), novelette by Samuel R. Witt, Jr.
Freight of Dreams, (1994), novelette by Lisa Willner
Space Station Boomtown 13, (1994), novelette by Matt Forbeck
The Devil You Know, (1994), novelette by Bill Smith