Serenity RPG

Serenity RPG Serenity Role Playing Game is a science fiction role-playing game released in 2005 and set in the universe of the movie Serenity. It was produced by Margaret Weis Productions, and its mechanics were the first iteration of the Cortex System. It won an Origins Award for best RPG in 2005 and Margaret Weis' license came to an end on January 31, 2011.

The themes of Serenity RPG are similar to those presented in the original movie as well as its precursor, the show Firefly. The primary focus of the game is on constantly moving to the horizon and avoiding being tied down. Secondary themes are created through character interaction and there is plenty of leeway to allow for a Game Master to create their own themes within the setting.

Serenity Role Playing Game Rulebook?, Jamie Chambers?


Out in the Black? by Laura Hickman? and Tracy Hickman?, the system's first adventure, 2006

Two more books were released for the Serenity RPG in 2008, with a third in 2009, and the first installment of the Echoes of War for the Firefly RPG was also released under the rules for the Serenity RPG.

Serenity Adventures?, 2008, Margaret Weis?, a collection of short adventures and winner of the 2008 Origins Award.
Six Shooters and Spaceships?, a ship and technology sourcebook, 2009, Lynn Blackson?, Jason Durall?
Big Damn Heroes Handbook?, a rule expansion that won the 2009 Origins Award for Best Supplement, 2009, Cam Banks?, Jennifer Brozek?, Jim Davenport?, Nathan Rockwood?, Clark Valentine?, Tony Lee?, Jason Durall?
The Wedding Planners? Cortex Classic Set A part of the Echoes of War for the Firefly RPG released using the rules for the Serenity RPG