Schar's World

Schar's World is a planet in the Culture Universe placed within Milky Way galaxy near the Sullen Gulf. In 1331 CE it was a Dra'Azon Planet of the Dead with a Quiet Barrier radius of 310 standard light-days.

The war which caused the Dra'Azon to claim the planet as a Planet of the Dead and the following ice age destroyed many of the indigenous species. By 1331 CE remaining life included fish, but no mammals, in the seas, a hundred species of small insects, and lichen near the equator.

The Dra'Azon allowed a small group of Involveds on the planet. By 1331 CE, the group was made up of four Changers with a pair being replaced every few years.Their base was inside an entrance to the Command System. The caretakers made a transmission off world at regular intervals.

The caretakers were officially allowed one inspection tour of the System each year. They would enter by the spiral tunnel from station four.

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