SA-43 Hammerhead

This is an endo\exo-atmospheric twin engined fighter used by most of the technologically developed superpowers in the United Earth Forces. Mounts more firepower and has superior manouverability than Chig Fighters. Two under-wing pylons are available to carry one small satellite, or triples of bombs or guided missiles of various types. No more than three weapons are ever carried on each pylon. Also available is a chin mounted laser cannon and a remote controlled dorsal turret. The SA-43 is equipped with both LIDAR and passive Infra-Red detection systems while dispensers can release chaff to fool enemy sensors.

A detachable cockpit provides some chance of ejecting safely but increases the number of cabling connections in the craft. It does little to provide for crew comfort on missions exceeding 500,000 msks and 48 hours. For the ultimate in long range deployments these fighters can deploy via wormholes, although these naturally occuring phenomeon are unpredictable. The SA-43 can reach speeds in excess of 27,8 msk/s (or roughly warp 4). This craft is capable of landing and takeoff in a space of several metres if required.