The fourth planet in the Epsilon Eridani star system, and classed with Ix as supreme in machine culture since both planets escaped the more severe effects of the Butlerian Jihad.

During the Butlerian Jihad

After the Titans rebelled against Omnius, they decided after Bela Tegeuse, to move to Richese in 164 BG.

Eventually, after remained for about 70 years, ravaged by Omnius' forces, Agamemnon was advised by Yorek Thurr, moved to Hessra in 108 BG.

Richese was devastated by Omnius soon after but retaken again by the Titans after the Great Purge.

During the Corrino Empire

A once powerful planet, it was the ancestral planet of House Richese. At one point a main source of heighliners for the Guild. The planet and it's moon, Korona, were famous for technological innovations which included Richesian mirrors and no-ships.

Unfotunately House Richese made an ill advised decision to engage in full-scale economic warfare with House Vernius of Ix. This led to their slow demise and fostered the popular opinion that House Richese only made copies of Ixian inventions. Part of this loss is attributed to Count Ilban Richese who spent more time with his family then with his businesses. As a result of this failure, Ix took over the lucrative Heighliner construction.

Years later, Korona was destroyed by Imperial Sardaukar forces, as it was being used to store spice illegally.

Destruction by the Honored Matres

After the Ascension of House Atreides, and The Scattering promulgated by the death of Leto Atreides II; Richese still had production facilities which produced starships and other weapons for humanity. The Mother Commander Murbella, leader of the New Sisterhood, contracted with the Factory Commissioner and other Richesian authorities to build ships and weapons in the oncoming battle against the Enemy.

However, seven years afterwards, before many weapons could be delivered to the Sisterhood, a rebel Honored Matres? group which opposed Murbella, led by Hellica, which did not wish to merge with the Sisterhood; attacked Richese with Obliterator weapons, and reduced the planet to slag and rubble.

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