Return to Ringworld

Return to Ringworld A computer game released by Tsunami Games in 1994. Thanks to you a devastating war was evaded, unfortunately instead of becoming a hero, you are hunted as an outlaw. The Patriarch has denied being involved in the whole affair and you destroyed all the evidence that could prove your innocence while trying to prevent the bloodshed. Now you and your friends Seeker and Miranda must Return to Ringworld and find a way to clear your name.

This may not be all that simple, because your foes expect this and the Patriarch wants your head. You did after all take his ship. That alone would of course not be enough. There is also a grave new danger rising on the horizon. It's an organization called ARM and they are helped by the Puppeteers. They have invented some new armor that could make them invincible on the field of battle and they are planning to exploit the technology in the Silver-Egg, a stranded spaceship.


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