Reclamation Apprehension Coalition

RAC The Reclamation Apprehension Coalition, commonly called The RAC, is an independent organisation that operates in several star systems throughout the J Star Cluster. The RAC licenses, governs, and disciplines Reclamation Agents and issues Warrants for clients. In the Quad, the RAC's local headquarters is a RAC Cruiser, which is also referred to as The Rack.

Reclamation Agents are responsible for carrying out warrants.

Most warrants are handled through warrant brokers.

Officers form the management of the RAC, handling recruitment, licensing, discipline and warrant approval. High ranking officers are assigned to the Office of Interstellar Expansion, on Level 71 of The Rack, to handle interstellar business such as setting up branch offices in other star systems.

Each warrant authorizes an agent or team to engage in a specific mission, such as retrieving an item, capturing a criminal, rescuing a hostage or protecting a client. Warrants are subject to an approval process, and getting a level 5 warrant approved generally requires considerable money and power. Officially, the RAC is not supposed to approve warrants on political opponents.

Reclamation Agents have considerable leeway in the pursuit of warrants, however they can be subject to fines for collateral damage and penalties for misconduct.