Rebel Cruiser

Rebel Cruiser Operating in secret and in the worst of conditions from bases on primitive backwater planets, the shipwrights of the Rebellion have crafted one of the most beautiful and lethal fighting ships in existence. The Rebel cruiser's circular engine-support pylons double as an external docking rack for its complement of Manta fighters; this unique arrangement allows the ship to launch its entire squadron of fighters almost simultaneously, giving it a great advantage in combat.

2 Missile Racks + 20 Missiles
3 Proton Turrets
1 Manta Bay + 4 Mantas
1 Rocket Launcher + 8 Rockets

Speed: 200 AU/h
Accel: 140
Turn: 60°/sec
Shields: 500u
Charge: 0.84u/sec
Armor: 80u
Guns: 7 (max)
Turrets: 4 (max)

Space: 120 tons
Cargo: 60 tons
Fuel: 500 (5)
Length: 280m
Mass: 850 tons
Crew: 527
Avail: (61)
Cost: 14,000,000 cr

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