Qresh is a habitable earth-like planet orbiting a G-main sequence star, which located within the J Star Cluster.

The dwarf planet Qresh was originally the only inhabited body in The Quad. Half of the planet is under water and reclaiming every inch of land on Qresh is a priority.

Over time the planet's population grew until the environmental weight of the citizens began to exceed the planet’s natural resources and damage its ecosystem. Scientists and politicians began looking beyond their borders for more resources and a place to dump their refuse. “The Company," the powerful corporation inextricably linked with the politicians and ruling families on Qresh, began to colonize the planet's moons, Arkyn, Leith and Westerley.

Now the planet is the home of the elite artists, politicians, scientists, inventors, business class and philosophers of the system. To be a citizen of Qresh a person must own ancestral land, and all Qreshi citizens get shares in the Company, so the more land that is owned the larger the amount of shares and the greater influence in the Company.

The majority of ancestral lands on Qresh are owned by members of the Nine families. A Qreshi cannot bequeath or inherit land until they turn eighteen, so young members of the Nine families must have a Legal Guardian to manage their lands until they come of age.

In addition to the Families of the Nine, the population of Qresh also includes numerous "lower families" who make up the Qreshi middle class.

While immigrating to Qresh is a dream held by many in the Quad, it is rarely realized: land rights on Qresh are deeply entrenched in hereditary claims and "old money" family lineage, leaving little room for new citizens to carve out a niche.