Purulu look like terran octopi, but they have ten limbs and the mouth is located underneath the body. They have six eyes arranged at a regular interval around the head. Their flesh is coloured a vivid mauve. They are aquatic and breathe the water with it's heavy admixture of ammonia and heavy-metal chlorides. Purulu are descendants of aquatic omnivores

The Purulu are by far the richest race in the galaxy. They control more property tan all other races except the Humans and the Kaa. They also have strong political influence due to their wealth. As individuals they are unpleasant, greedy and grasping. They love wealth and to oppress and bully other beings as well as ruthless in their pursuit of more wealth. They are not popular among other races, in fact generally hated. Humans, Fasanni and Treefolk also like to thwart Purulu business ambitions.

The homeworld of the Purulu is heavy, dense and radioactive. Atmosphere is corrosive. The planet has an abundance of mineral assets, all owned by Purulu Inc, a company in which all Purulu have stocks from birth. This is the main source of the Purulu wealth but they hav also invested heavily all around the galaxy in different assets.

They employ mercenary troops, including Kronin, Human och Pachekki units, to protect their homeworld on which they also act as fanatic environmentalists. On other planets they don't care at all.

Source: GURPS Aliens