Psi Draconis

Psi Draconis (ψ¹ Dra, ψ¹ Draconis) is a star in the constellation Draco. It also has the traditional name Dziban, from the Arabic Adh-Dhi'ban, meaning "The two wolves" or "The two jackals". The primary component of the binary system is suspected to host a substellar companion.

In Chinese astronomy, Dziban is called 女史, Pinyin: Nǚshǐ, meaning Female Protocol. 女史 (Nǚshǐ) westernized into Niu She by R.H. Allen, with the meaning is "the Palace Governess", or "a Literary Woman"

In Space Opera

In Dune (1965) and other novels in the Dune universe by Frank Herbert and others Niushe is the location of the planets Niushe, Gamont and Grumman.

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