Still indentured clients of Pila and socially stunted after 112 000 years after the Pila found them and uplifted them. Their patrons use them as labourers and technicians. They are kept on terraformed colonies for the most part; the Pila don' want their clients to accidentaly damage ecosystems.

Descendend from brachiating omnivores with two eyes with a natural laser used to provide depth perception. The laser can also be used as a weapon. The modern Pring, due to modifications done by the Pila, are tall, slender bipeds. The skin is glossy white. The Prings' large, round heads are supported by a slender neck; the face is dominated by two large, lidless gallsy red eyaes and a wide mouth.

Inside the mouth is a pair of menacing dental plates, designed to grind and mash foods. The hands have six slender fingers. Average 2 to 2.5 metres tall.

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