Prince of Tanith

Prince of Tanith Prince of Tanith is the first sequel to Space Viking and was published in March, 2011, on Kindle and other electronic formats. Set in the Terro-Human Universe and written by Terry Mancour.

The novel takes place just two years after the end of Space Viking and introduces Princess Valerie Trask, Lucas Trask's new wife from civilized Marduk?. The use of a split narrative between Lucas (who had the sole perspective in Space Viking) and Valerie is a departure from Piper's style, but is used effectively. Of particular note in this sequel are the return of Count Garvan Spasso and a mysterious off-stage figure known only as "the Wizard" who seems to be helping the Princely Realm of Tanith for mysterious reasons of his own. Although Mancour didn't receive authorization by the Piper estate to continue the story, he could do so by virtue of the work's expired copyright.

Lady Valerie Alverath, the former nanny to Crown Princess Myrna of Marduk, has accepted Prince Lucas Trask' proposal of marriage and together they've been coronated as the Sovereign Prince and Princess of the Princely Realm of Tanith, Lucas' wild and wooly frontier world. With her Valerie brings some of the best of the civilized Old Federation knowledge and technology, in an effort to improve the lives of all those who live on Tanith?: Space Vikings, Sword Worlders, imported Mardukans, and the neobarbaric natives alike. And once the Realm is well-ordered, with his most loyal subjects elevated to positions of power, Lucas is ready to settle down and raise a family with his gorgeous new bride.

But Tanith is far from secure. The specter of bad King Omfray of Gram?, Lucas' homeworld, has arisen again in the person of his sneering emissary, Count Garvan Spasso. And enmity from Lucas' professional rival, Prince Viktor of Xochitl has made simple Space Viking raids by Tanith's fleet in the Old Federation a far more difficult matter. And there's increasing evidence that one of the civilized Great Powers of the Old Federation has taken an unhealthy interest in Tanith's survival.

A new crown, a new sigil on his ship, and a new wife might symbolize the possibilities and potential for his Realm, but Prince Lucas is going to have to struggle against a sea of unseen foes and an alliance with a murky underworld figure if he's going to survive, thrive and rule.

The sequel to Prince of Tanith is Princess Valerie's War.