The third planet in the star system Epsilon Ophiuchi (Epsilon Alangue), and an established but largely quiet agricultural world.

It was, according to Zensunni beliefs, the home world of the Zensunni Wanderers, though genetic testing ant other thins as language and mythology suggest that Zensunni origins were from another planet and far more ancient.

The early history of Poritrin was dominated by the Bludd family, who governed the planet before and during the Butlerian Jihad. Poritrin was a member of the League of Nobles, and after Sajak Bludd's rule, a staunch supporter of slavery. Indeed, Poritrin's powerful agricultural and light industrial sectors were highly dependent on its large number of Zensunni and Zenshiite slaves.

During the unrest of the Butlerian Jihad the planet was famous as the cradle of scientific celebrity Tio Holtzman, the inventor of the Scrambler web. During that time, the planet experienced the first buddislamic uprising instigated by Bel Moulay, a Zenshiite slave sage. However the uprising was violently suppressed by government forces. Moulay was ceremonially tortured and executed in public in place of the uprisers.

About 20 years later, Poritrin was used as a 'bait' by the Jihadi intelligence, which lured a machine attack against the planet. According to the plan however, the planet was 'defended' by a large number of decoy ships that confused the machines and were driven off by real fighters. The mastermind of the plan was Vorian Atreides, while the construction was overseen by Holtzman.

The second buddislamic uprising culminated in a massive explosion that devastated Poritrin City, and greatly reduced the world's influence in galactic politics. Poritrin remained a source of different resources for the Imperium. The Fremen remembered Poritrin as their planet of origin in their songs.

Alangue is a corruption of Arabic Al Hawna, Ophiuchus.

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