Venus-like planet in the Tau Ceti system. With a plateau (called Mount Lookitthat), half the size of California, rising high enough out of the dense atmosphere to be habitable.

Discovered in 2061. Second planet in system. Colonised in 2112. The crew of the colonisation ship made themselves rulers of the planet with the colonists as second-class citizens. The crew hold power through their monopoly on organ transplantation and control of the police. When more colonists arrived in 2152 they also had to accept the status of second-class citizens. Revolution in 2355 turned the planet to a democracy.

The original colonists signed the "Covenant of Planetfall", agreeing that this outcome was just recompense for the labors of the crew during the voyage; that they signed at gunpoint as they were awakened from hibernation is kept secret from later generations, and also that those who refused, died.

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